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What materials we accept in our dumpster?

  • Construction Debris
  • Household Junk
  • Yard Waste
  • Metal
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Cardboard and Paper
  • Clean Fill
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How to Rent a Dumpster in Dumpster Rental Anaheim, CA

Renting a dumpster from Pirate Dumpsters is a straightforward process designed to make waste disposal for your project hassle-free. Here's how it works:

1. Contact Us

Start by reaching out to Pirate Dumpsters through our website, phone, or email. Our friendly team is ready to assist you in selecting the right dumpster size for your project.

2. Get a Quote

Request a free quote by providing details about your project, including the type of waste, the size of the dumpster you need, and the rental duration. Our team will provide you with a competitive and transparent pricing estimate.

3. Schedule Delivery

Once you've accepted the quote and finalized the rental details, we'll schedule the delivery of your dumpster to your specified location in Los Angeles. We aim for prompt and reliable service.

4. Fill the Dumpster

With the dumpster delivered to your site, you can start filling it with your waste materials. Please ensure that you follow any guidelines provided regarding the type of waste that can be disposed of.

5. Pickup Request

When your dumpster is full or you've completed your project, contact us to schedule a pickup. We'll promptly come to collect the filled dumpster, saving you the trouble of disposal.

6. Responsible Disposal

Pirate Dumpsters takes care of the responsible disposal of your waste materials. We work in compliance with local regulations and environmental standards to ensure eco-friendly waste management.

7. Enjoy Your Clean Space

Once we've picked up the dumpster, you can enjoy your clean and clutter-free space, knowing that your waste has been professionally managed. Renting a dumpster from Pirate Dumpsters is a convenient and reliable way to handle waste disposal for residential, commercial, and construction projects in Los Angeles. Our team is here to assist you throughout the process, from selecting the right dumpster size to ensuring proper disposal.

Anaheim Dumpster Rental: Affordable and Convenient Solution for Waste Removal

Are you tired of dealing with piles of junk and waste in your home or business? Are you in search of a stress-free and easy solution for waste management in Anaheim, CA?

Consider hiring our dumpster rental services in Anaheim CA.

Tired of Dealing with Junk and Waste in Your Home or Business?

Handling undesired waste and clutter is frustrating and time-taking. If you’re planning to renovate your home or business, a dumpster rental service in Anaheim can be an amazing solution for effective waste removal.

We offer dumpsters in a range of sizes to fit your diverse needs and ensure that you have good space to dispose of your waste in one shot.

Need a Convenient Solution for Waste Removal in Anaheim, CA?

Are you looking for an easy way to dispose of your waste in Anaheim? Consider Pirate Dumpsters.

We offer flexible rental solutions. We drop-off and pick-up services to fit your schedule.

If you need a dumpster for varying rental services, we can offer the right dumpster to meet and exceed your needs.

Manage your waste and save more

Struggling to Find an Affordable and Reliable Dumpster Rental Service?

We know that cost is an important aspect in considering dumpster rental services in Anaheim. At Pirate Dumpsters, we offer reasonable pricing and competitive price quotations to make you aware of the prices and you know what you’re paying for. At our Anaheim dumpster rental, we provide timely and reliable rental services. We ensure that the waste is removed efficiently and promptly.

Pirate Dumpsters: The Best Dumpster Rental Service in Anaheim, CA

If you’re willing to hire dumpster rental services in Anaheim, contact Pirate Dumpsters.

When it comes to waste removal, hiring a dumpster rental service is a considerable decision that is hassle-free and cost-effective.

At Pirate Dumpsters, we offer a wide range of dumpster sizes and delivery options to meet your waste management needs at the time of your home remodeling or office cleaning-out projects.

Rent a Dumpster in Anaheim, CA: Choose Pirate Dumpsters for Reliable and Affordable Service

We deliver cost-effective and reliable dumpster rental services in Anaheim. We have a team that is determined to deliver the right size of dumpster for your waste removal needs and can schedule a delivery time that is suitable for you.

We offer a transparent pricing structure with no hidden fees. You can hire our value-for-money services to get a sigh of relief from your waste removal issues.

Affordable Dumpster Rentals in Anaheim, CA: Pirate Dumpsters Offers Competitive Pricing

Cost is a big factor in hiring a dumpster rental service. That’s the reason we charge reasonable prices on all rental options. We serve your waste removal needs by offering a range of services to cater to your home renovation to commercial needs.

For a better understanding of our affordable services, please go through the size and price of our dumpster rental solutions:
10-yard dumpsters: $300 – $750 (16 feet long x 8 feet wide x 2.5 feet tall)

20-yard dumpsters: $400 – $850 (20 feet long x 8 feet wide x 4 feet tall)

30-yard dumpsters: $400 – $850 (22 feet long x 8 feet wide x 5 feet tall)

40-yard dumpsters: $450 – $950 (22 feet long x 8 feet wide x 6 feet tall)

Convenient Dumpster Rentals in Anaheim, CA: Choose the Right Size and Delivery Option for Your Needs

At Pirate Dumpsters, We offer convenient and easy waste removal solutions with our dumpster rental services. We strive to help you with selecting the right size of dumpster that fits well in your regular needs. We provide both front-load and roll-off dumpsters to fit your location and delivery requirements.

Choose Pirate Dumpsters: The Most Trusted Dumpster Rental Service in Anaheim, CA

When it pertains to waste collection, you need to work with a business you can rely on. Pirate Dumpsters is dedicated to giving the best service possible to our customers. Here are some of the reasons why we are Anaheim’s most trusted dumpster rental company:

  • Reliable Service: We always arrive on time and deliver and pick up your dumpster on time.
  • Competitive Pricing: The price we charge is transparent and viable, with no hidden fees.
  • Wide Range of Dumpster Sizes: We offer a wide range of dumpster sizes to accommodate any project, big or small.
  • Expertise: We have a team with tons of experience in waste disposal and offer you with the best suggestion for your particular needs.
  • Customer Service: We help individuals, communities, and businesses to help you with our impeccable customer service.

Pirate Dumpsters: The Best Choice for Your Waste Removal Needs

Pirate Dumpsters is the best solution for your waste collection needs, whether you are a homeowner, contractor, or company owner. In Anaheim, CA, our dedication to quality service and dependable solutions is unparalleled. Here are a few reasons why you should work with us:

  • Convenience: We make the process fast and efficient to deliver you convenient rental services.
  • Affordability: We offer reasonable rates to cater to the needs of every individual.
  • Sustainability: We strive to minimize waste and environmental impact by recycling as much as possible. Do you want to know how we can use it? Click here to learn about it.
  • Safety: We take safety very seriously and make certain that all of our equipment and processes adhere to the highest safety requirements.
  • Flexibility: We can work around your schedule and give customized solutions to meet your individual requirements.

Get Your Free Quote Today: Rent a Dumpster in Anaheim, CA with Pirate Dumpsters

Do you require a dumpster rental in Anaheim, CA? Pirate Dumpsters is the answer! Our skilled team is committed to providing you with the best dumpster rental service in the area. We have the ideal dumpster rental solution for you whether you are planning a home improvement project, clearing out your garage, or simply need to dispose of huge amounts of waste.

Booking Your Dumpster Rental Today: Easy and Convenient Online Booking

Pirate Dumpsters understand the value of your time. That’s why we’ve made renting a dumpster as simple and convenient as possible. You may quickly select the size and kind of dumpster you require, select your delivery and pickup dates, and receive a free quote in minutes using our online booking system. schedule your dumpster rental with Pirate Dumpsters online today at 310-678-0503!

Choose Pirate Dumpsters: The Fastest, Most Reliable Dumpster Rental Service in Anaheim, CA

Pirate Dumpsters is the apparent choice for dumpster rental services in Anaheim, CA. Our skilled team is dedicated to providing you with the most timely and dependable service possible. We offer dumpster rental services in a range of sizes and types that include 10, 20, 30, and 40 yards.

With Pirate Dumpsters, you can rest assured that your waste disposal needs will be taken care of quickly and professionally.

Contact us today to book your dumpster rental and experience the Pirate Dumpsters difference!

Dumpster Rental Services Near You

From Fullerton to Norwalk to Ontario via Vernon, Hollywood, San Fernando, and Santa Monica, we deliver our dumpster rental services to cater to the needs of varying businesses.

Get rid of your waste removal issues!!

Dumpster Rental FAQs

The cost of renting a dumpster in Anaheim, CA varies depending on the size. The price range for different dumpster sizes is as follows:
  • 10-yard dumpsters: $300 - $750 (16 feet long x 8 feet wide x 2.5 feet tall)
  • 20-yard dumpsters: $400 - $850 (20 feet long x 8 feet wide x 4 feet tall)
  • 30-yard dumpsters: $400 - $850 (22 feet long x 8 feet wide x 5 feet tall)
  • 40-yard dumpsters: $450 - $950 (22 feet long x 8 feet wide x 6 feet tall)
Please note that these prices are subject to change and may vary depending on specific rental companies and other factors.
Here are some common types of materials that can typically be disposed of in a dumpster rental:
  • Household items such as furniture, appliances, and electronics
  • Construction and demolition debris such as concrete, bricks, and drywall
  • Yard waste such as tree branches, grass clippings, and leaves
  • General trash and debris such as cardboard boxes, paper, and plastics
  • Metals such as steel, aluminum, and copper
  • Clean and untreated wood
  • Asphalt, dirt, and other inert materials
  • Non-hazardous industrial waste
The available sizes of dumpsters for rent in Anaheim, CA range from 10 yards to 40 yards, and you can get more information by calling 310-678-0503.
The process for disposing of hazardous materials in a dumpster rental typically involves the following steps:
  • Determine what materials are considered hazardous: Hazardous materials can include items such as chemicals, batteries, and electronics, among others.
  • Consult with the dumpster rental company: The rental company may have specific guidelines and regulations for disposing of hazardous materials, which may require additional fees or special handling.
  • Separate hazardous materials from non-hazardous materials: It's important to keep hazardous materials separate from other items to prevent contamination.
  • Properly package and label hazardous materials: Hazardous materials must be packaged and labeled according to federal and state regulations.
  • Dispose of hazardous materials at an appropriate facility: Hazardous materials cannot be disposed of in a regular landfill, and must be taken to a specialized facility for proper disposal.
  • Keep records of hazardous waste disposal: It's important to keep records of the disposal of hazardous materials, including the date, type of material, and facility where it was disposed of.
Yes, it may be necessary to obtain a permit for a dumpster rental in Anaheim, CA, depending on where you plan to place the dumpster.

If you plan to place the dumpster on your own private property, such as a driveway or yard, then a permit is generally not required. However, if you need to place the dumpster on a public street or sidewalk, you will likely need to obtain a permit from the city of Anaheim.

This permit ensures that the dumpster does not obstruct traffic or create a safety hazard for pedestrians. The process for obtaining a permit may vary depending on the location and duration of the rental, so it is important to check with the city of Anaheim for specific requirements. It's always best to ensure that you have all the necessary permits and permissions to avoid any issues or fines.
The dumpster rental process consists of just a few simple steps:
  • Call for a free quote: Our team will ask you about your project, and then provide you with a quote based on the volume and type of debris that you intend to throw out.
  • Get upfront pricing: Each dumpster comes with an upfront price that includes delivery, disposal, and pickup as well as the rental period. We will help you to clean up the mess by letting you know what you can and cannot put in your dumpster.
  • Schedule delivery: We will deliver your container as soon as possible so you can get right to work. Our team will help you find the right place at your house or work site, and give delivery tips to make sure it arrives on time.
  • Call for pickup: Once you’ve filled up your dumpster, you can call us to schedule your pick-up for the next business day.

10 Cubic Yard Dumpster

  • May be appropriate for:
  • Basement or garage debris cleanout
  • 1,500 sq. ft. of roof shingles (single layer)
  • Small kitchen or bath remodeling job
  • Included in the price:
  • 10 Days Rental
  • Delivery and Pickup
  • 2000 lbs weight limit

10 Yard Container

$250 - $600

10 available

*Additional days and tonnage include applicable taxes and fees

20 Cubic Yard Dumpster

  • May be appropriate for:
  • Small remodels and cleanup projects
  • Low height makes disposal super-easy.
  • Small kitchen or bath remodeling job
  • Included in the price:
  • 10 Days Rental
  • Delivery and Pickup
  • 3000 lbs weight limit

20 Yard Container

$300 - $750

10 available

*Additional days and tonnage include applicable taxes and fees

30 Cubic Yard Dumpster

  • May be appropriate for:
  • Basement, attic, or garage cleanup
  • Flooring and carpet removal for a large house
  • 300 to 400 square feet of deck removal
  • 2,500 to 3,000 sq. ft. of single layer roof shingle removal
  • Included in the price:
  • 10 Days Rental
  • Delivery and Pickup
  • 4000 lbs weight limit

30 Yard Container

$400 - $850

10 available

*Additional days and tonnage include applicable taxes and fees

40 Cubic Yard Dumpster

  • May be appropriate for:
  • Major home addition
  • New home construction
  • Garage demolition
  • Whole-home window or siding replacement (small-to-medium size home)
  • Included in the price:
  • 10 Days Rental
  • Delivery and Pickup
  • 8000 lbs weight limit

40 Yard Container

$450 - $950

10 available

*Additional days and tonnage include applicable taxes and fees

Our Reviews
Jeremy Dennis
Jeremy Dennis
Very knowledgeable and responsive. Told Dee what I was looking for and he suggested something smaller for the amount of trash i had which is cheaper. Would use again. 5 stars
Jumal Bradford
Jumal Bradford
Company was on time and very professional. I would highly recommend to others!
Jerome Pugh
Jerome Pugh
Very professional and amazing service brought the dumpster on time. Highly recommend using this service.

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