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Residential Services

Residential Dumpster Services:

Are you looking to get rid of some of that old junk or debris from your home? Or doing some remodeling and renovations to your home? Or maybe you are moving and need to throw away what’s leftover and not traveling with you? Well, either way, you’re going to need a way to get rid of all that household junk and the Pirate Dumpsters  is the perfect solution!

Pirate Dumpsters is not your typical, run-of-the-mill, ugly, smelly dumpster. Nope, Pirate Dumpsters are one of a kind, Residential Dumpsters made specifically for your home. They are always clean, driveway safe, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This way, both you and your neighbors don’t have to stare at an ugly dumpster for days while you work on your home project, or through away your junk. Instead, your driveway will remain to look clean and respectable.

Uses for Residential Pirate Dumpsters Rentals



  • Garage Clean Out

  • Yard & Lawn Debris

  • Furniture & Appliances

  • Building Material

  • Bulk Trash

  • Leftover Junk From Moving

  • Spring Cleaning

  • Household Junk

  • DIY Household Project Cleanup

  • Remodelling Debris

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