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Please Read the Following Before Submitting a Pickup Request

  • If you are near the finish of your rental period, please call us straightforwardly to guarantee your pickup is booked on time.
  • Please take note of that after rounding out the frame, your pickup must be affirmed by means of telephone or email. We will react as quickly as time permits. It would be ideal if you permit us extra time to react if submitting outside of working hours or weekends.
  • Our courses start at a young hour in the morning and keep running into the night. We’ll oblige your timetable decently well while booking your pickup yet can’t generally ensure an assigned time.
  • Please triple-check to ensure your dumpster isn’t obstructed upon the arrival of your pickup and that no flotsam and jetsam is stacked over the highest point of the compartment. Excursion charges may apply on the off chance that we can’t get to or securely expel your dumpster.
  • Exceeding your apportioned weight breaking point may bring about overage expenses. In any case, these expenses may not be evaluated immediately as landfills don’t generally affirm weight tickets until fourteen days after transfer. Utilize our dumpster weight adding machine to help appraise the heaviness of your heaviest materials.
  • Please take note of that an extra expense will apply on the off chance that you wipe out or adjust your expulsion ask for the day of the booked administration or after ordinary business hours the day preceding your planned pickup.

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