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1. What is a roll-off dumpster?

A roll-off dumpster is an open top dumpster characterized by a rectangular footprint, utilizing wheels to facilitate rolling the dumpster in place. The container is designed to be transported by special roll-off trucks. Roll-offs are commonly used to contain loads of construction and demolition waste or other waste types..

2. What are the sizes of the Roll-Off Dumpsters?

We provide roll-off dumpsters from 3 cubic yards to 40 cubic yard dumpsters.

3. What are the sizes of the Commercial Dumpsters?

We provide 3 yard to 40 yard Commercial Dumpsters.

4. How much can the roll-off containers hold?

You can put as much material in the dumpster as long as the material does not exceed the rim of the dumpster. However, there is a weight limit on the amount of debris that is put in the dumpster. If you exceed the weight limit, this is an additional fee hinging on the amount of weight above the agreed limit. What materials are not allowed in the dumpsters? Materials Not Allow in the Dumpster: Tires, Appliances, Paint, Solvents, Flammable Chemicals, Batteries, Hazardous Waste, Asbestos and Freon and Compressed Gases.

5. How soon can I get my dumpster?

You can order your Dumpster via the Contact Form or by Phone. Orders placed before 9am can be delivered same day.

6. What does the dumpster rental price include?

Drop-off, Pickup and Dump; however, if the weight of the debris exceeds the agreed weight limit then additional charges will be applied to the Credit Card.

7. Where should I put the Dumpster?

The dumpster should be placed on a solid foundation such as concrete driveway, platform etc. Be well aware of older homes where driveways were built for light-weight vehicles where the driveway might not be able to support a fully loaded dumpster. Please Note - We are not responsible for any damage to the supporting foundation where the dumpster will be placed. If needed, it is the responsibility of property owner or contractor to place protective material such as plywood to protect the foundation.

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